We are producers of energy produced from renewable energy sources. We sell heat energy produced in combined heat and power plants to heating suppliers and supply it to their centralized heat supply networks. We sell the produced electricity to AB “Lesto” by supplying it to the electricity distribution network. UAB “Ekoresursai” and UAB “Energijos Parkas”, subsidiary companies of UAB “Naujoji šiluma”, are included in the list of independent (non-regulated) heating suppliers.

Currently, we produce energy using one of the most popular small and medium power cogeneration methods, i.e. by means of internal combustion engines. With these engines, fuel is burnt in a combustion chamber, thereby promoting the expansion of gas, which operates the piston that drives an electric generator. Typical electricity generation efficiency of such systems is 35-40%. About 90% of heat produced in the engines is used for the heating of buildings and hot water preparation.