UAB “Naujoji šiluma” has established two subsidiaries to produce fuel pellets. In Pakruojis subdisctrict, fuel pellet production is performed by UAB “Pakruojo altergrana”; in Šilutė subdistrict – UAB “Pamario altergrana”. Factories of these companies are equipped with high-class biofuel pellet production lines, which allow for a successful development of fuel pellet production.

We produce fuel pellets from agricultural products and other plant materials (rapes, straw, grain waste, etc.). We can offer our customers both large amounts of pellets required for boiler-houses of higher capacity (by concluding continuous fuel supply agreements) and smaller amounts for boiler-houses with lower capacity (providing reservoirs designed to fit bulk bags) at most favourable prices. We are able to produce more than 2,000 tons of fuel pellets per month.